A Week of Joy: The Joy Cone Diaries

A Week of Joy: The Joy Cone Diaries

Embrace the variety, savor the joy! They say variety is the spice of life, but we believe Joy cones are the true essence of flavor and excitement
We thought we’d spice up your February by taking one week and creating a different JOY treat each day using waffle cones, chocolate waffle cones, sugar cones, cake cups, color cups, and waffle bowls in ways that show the versatility of Joy…and they’re all from our Recipe’s page. 

Say goodbye to the cold and dreary days as we invite you on a seven-day journey filled with pure JOY.  Get ready to indulge in the delicious diversity of Joy cones and elevate your February to new heights!


Start both the week and your day with Breakfast Waffle Cones. Everyone loves French toast, but when you turn French toast into French toast sticks and layer them into a Joy Waffle Cone with fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and a drizzling of maple syrup, you transform this breakfast staple into an unconventional mobile meal kids and adults can’t wait to devour.

Change this recipe up with your own ideas like using strawberries and blueberries with maple syrup, or by including bananas and peanut butter, raspberries and chocolate sauce, or chocolate chips and strawberry syrup. No matter the combination of toppings, this handheld breakfast makes the perfect special treat that brings the whole family together.


We’ve got a Tuesday taco twofer that starts with a tasty twist on everyone’s favorite Mexican cuisine with our JOY Taco Cone. Instead of making traditional tacos, swap the tortillas for a Joy Waffle Cone! Your taste buds will say “¡Olé!”

Then, for dessert, make Warm Churro Sundaes. Do you love the sweet, cinnamon flavor of churros? With a little help from Joy Cone, the usually warm and wonderful flavor of Mexico’s most popular dessert can now be served with a cool twist: Warm Churro Sundaes. These delightful treats are perfect for those February days when you want to serve something both delicious and easy. Plus, with enJOY-a-Bowls, you get to eat … rather than wash … the dishes.


It may be a while until we’re camping and cooking outdoors, but you can still make All-American S’mores Cone. For almost 100 years, s’mores have been a dessert staple. And now, we’ve done what many would have thought was impossible: we’ve managed to improve them.

Besides being delicious and portable, we’ve taken all the traditional s’more ingredients, and then we’ve added ice cream and put everything in a Joy Chocolate Waffle Cone. Loved by those of every age group, this might be the most perfect treat imaginable.


Make it a throwback Thursday, by sharing a variation of a nostalgic, traditional American classic with the little ones by making a Mini Apple Pie Waffle Bowl using enJOY-a-bowls. Not only do they hold a single serving of pie filling, but they will also fit in the palm of hands that are on the little side.

We even show you how to create your own caramel sauce (combining just three ingredients). Plus, top these tiny pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a warm and delicious apple pie a la mode. These little desserts will elicit some big smiles, especially when it comes time to eat the dishes.


Everyone’s glad it’s Friday, so celebrate the coming weekend with Joy Ice Cream Cupcakes, using Joy Color Cups. Just take your favorite cake mix, pour it into our Color Cups, and pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Then, frost generously, add some sprinkles, and you’ve got something even better than a traditional cupcake, since instead of peeling off paper to get to the cake, the entire treat is edible.

Or, you may want to celebrate Friday with a few Cake Pops. Every occasion, no matter how minor, should be celebrated with cake. The reason there isn’t more cake in our lives is probably because it’s time-consuming to make, everyone has a different favorite type of cake, and it requires coordinating plates, forks, and a flat surface on which to eat.

We think something so delicious should be more convenient to serve and enjoy. Happily, our Joy Sugar Cones make the perfect cake companion. We’ll show you how you can have everyone’s favorite cake with no baking!


It may not be a school day, but you can share a bit of natural science with Geode-Inspired Ice Cream Cones. The shimmering beauty of geodes, or rocks lined with crystals and other mineral matter, spurred us to create our own geode-inspired ice cream cones. Using colorful rock candy, white frosting, cake mix, and Joy Cake Cups, we designed portable works of art reminiscent of blue celestite crystal clusters, pink quartz geodes, and rainbow crystal geodes. Just shows learning can be fun…and delicious.


You’ll surely want to make it a sundae Sunday and, with the help of Blue Bell ice cream and Joy Waffle Bowls, we have ideas for a classic sundae, brownie sundae, double mint chocolate sundae, strawberry shortcake sundae, and more on our Every Day is Sundae recipe page. The beauty of a sundae is that there are no limitations on what ingredients you can include, so also check out our Rhode Island Doughboy Waffle Bowl Sundae and our Peanut Butter and Jelly Sundae.

What ideas do you have for a week of Joy? Let us know! We love hearing and getting ideas from all our cone connoisseurs.

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