Creating a Winter Wonder Cone-land with JOY!

Creating a Winter Wonder Cone-land with JOY!

December is filled with exciting events, from the first day of winter, to the celebratory holidays like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and, of course, Christmas, to welcoming-in a new year. We at Joy Cone are particularly fond of this time of year because we frequently hear the carol, “JOY to the World”, which is a sentiment we totally endorse on several levels.

Because all the holidays involve a lot of decorating, often fueled by wonderful holiday treats, we have a number of fun and creative ways to celebrate the coming of winter along with all the end-of-year events by decorating your treats with the help of Joy Sugar Cones, Cake Cups, and Waffle Bowls.

Joy Cone/Peeps® Snowmen Snow Cones – Just in time for winter and the holiday season — although we can also see serving these delightful confections on a hot summer day — Joy and Peeps® got together to create a treat which has all the ingredients of a future classic. Be the first on your block to introduce friends and family to the idea of what a Snow Cone should be.

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Snowball Cake Pop Cones – Joy Cone Snowball Cake-Pop Cones aren’t ordinary snowballs. They’re sweet, coconutty treats that are more fun … and more delicious … than the cold, wet, outdoor variety of snowballs, and the only snowball fight you may find yourself involved in is when it’s time to see who gets the last one.

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Snowman enJOY-a-bowls – Joy Cone has some delightful and delicious snowman treats that kids will love helping to make. Containing everything from brownie bits, marshmallows, chocolate, sandwich cookies, pudding, whipped topping, and a delicious enJOY-a-bowl, the ingredients are a kid’s dream come true. Ordinarily, we’d say these snowmen are too cute to eat, but we defy anyone … kid or adult … to resist chowing down on these sugary seasonal snowmen.

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Reindeer Ice Cream Cones – when the holidays hit, we enter peak reindeer-mania as families sing holiday jingles about the antlered creatures, and we envision them taking to the night skies to help Santa Claus navigate his trek across the globe. In their honor, we’ve created the kid-friendly Reindeer Ice Cream Cones as a fun way to connect with your children or grandchildren over an adorable, easy-to-assemble snack.

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Joy Cone Santa Hat Bites – If you’re looking for a festive, holiday treat you can make that’s fun, delicious, and simple enough for the kids to help, then Joy’s Santa-Hat Bites and Sugar Cone Holiday Trees are a holiday miracle! These quick and easy holiday treats are almost as much fun to make as they are to eat.

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Ice Cream Cone-Themed Treats for Santa – Although Santa likely receives a wide variety of snacks throughout his journey, we’re betting he rarely sees the ice cream cone-themed treats featuring JOY Cones we’ve assembled. Whether it’s Sugar Cone Santa Hat Cupcakes, Sugar Cone Holiday Trees, or Ice Cream Sundae Cookies, these simple recipes have easy-to-follow instructions, making them perfect for involving small children in the process.

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Holiday Crafts Featuring Joy Cones – This year for the holidays, get creative with some quirky DIY holiday crafts. We’ve incorporated JOY Cones into the mix for some sweet, ice cream-inspired ornaments or for the elf-cone … shown below … using ice cream cones in unexpected and fun ways.

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Do you have some favorite holiday ideas of your own that use one of the many varieties of Joy Waffle Cones, Sugar Cones, Cake Cups, or Waffle Bowls? Send us a pic and a recipe! We always enJOY seeing the creativity of our fans!

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