Sweet Scoops and Silver Screens: A Delightful Duo of Ice Cream Cones and Movie Magic!

Sweet Scoops and Silver Screens:
A Delightful Duo of Ice Cream Cones and Movie Magic!

Ice cream cones, waffle bowls, and movies just seem to go together, and there are two parts to the relationship between movies and ice cream.The first is the role ice cream has played in popular films. The second is trying to find the perfect pairing between your favorite movie and your favorite ice cream. As ice cream cone and waffle bowl lovers, we’re going to look at both.

Food has played a role in many films. Where would Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory be without Augustus Gloop’s chocolate-river binge? However, because ice cream cones are our favorite food, we prefer movies that feature ice cream cones above all others, so we’ve compiled a short list of our top movies where ice cream cones have played a role in a movie’s plot.

In chronological order of release:

  • Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. This 1953 classic has an important scene where the American reporter tried to convince an incognito princess to be a rebel and spend the day having fun. Of course, the discussion happens over an ice cream cone.
  • The Muppet Movie with Fozzie Bear and Bob Hope, 1979. Watch as Fozzie orders a honey ice cream cone for himself and a dragonfly ripple cone for his pal Kermit.
  • My Girl with Anna Chlumsky. Back in 1991, young Veda signs up for a mostly adult poetry-writing class, and offers this heartfelt tribute to her favorite food:

Ode to Ice Cream
I like ice cream a whole lot,
It tastes good when days are hot.
On a cone or in a dish,
This would be my only wish.
Vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road,
Even with pie, a la mode.

  • Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. The 2017 version of this timeless comic-book story shows a previously sheltered Amazon princess, and future Wonder Woman, Diana, as she experiences her first taste of an ice cream cone.

Additionally, we have a couple of honorable mentions. First, for Laurel and Hardy who introduced ice cream to film for possibly the first time in 1931’s Come Clean, where they experienced some flavor confusion.

Also, hats-off to a movie you probably see at least once a year, It’s a Wonderful Life. The ice cream scene takes place at the soda fountain in Mr. Gower’s drug store and shows how clearly kids see life while eating ice cream, as young Mary and Violet discuss their current and future feelings toward George Bailey.

As for what ice cream one should eat while watching movies, that’s a fairly subjective thing. We consider ourselves lucky that, unlike in the old days where movies could only be seen in theaters and where the only snacks were overpriced popcorn and Milk Duds, we can stream movies anywhere and eat anything we want while watching. Of course, we suggest eating ice cream cones or waffle bowls while viewing any movie.

For a few ideas on great ice cream/movie pairings, the website Ice Cream Freaks has a few suggestions. The only thing we’d change is that, wherever they advise serving ice cream in a dish, you use a delicious waffle bowl instead. Not only is it tastier, but there are no dishes to wash!

What are your favorite movie ice-cream scenes, or your top ice cream/movie pairings? Let us know! We always love to hear from our fellow ice-cream-cone … and movie … lovers!

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