Mess-Free Fun: Ice Cream Cone Treats You Can Make with Your Kids

Ice Cream Cone Treats You Can Make with Your Kids

Children are often thrilled to be involved in kitchen activities, especially when it comes to creating delightful desserts.Many of us can reminisce about our own childhood days eagerly assisting with baking cakes or brownies, relishing the chance to lick the beaters or spatula. Do you recall those moments of joy while making your favorite desserts? Undoubtedly, children take immense pleasure in devouring sweet treats, especially those they have actively participated in making. With this in mind, we’ve curated five kid-friendly recipes from our collection, perfect for little helpers who will delight both in the process of creation and the ultimate indulgence.


  • Joy Spring Crispy Cones
    For decades, children everywhere have shared a love of crispy rice treats, made from cereal held together with an abundance of gooey marshmallow that makes your fingers feel like they’re covered in delicious glue.
    These snacks are most commonly cut into squares, but we at Joy Cone discovered a way to increase the fun and flavor of the treat while keeping those fingers from getting sticky: Put the crispy rice and marshmallow mix into a tasty, not-the-least-bit-sticky Joy Cone.
    We’ve come up with two variations on the traditional crispy rice squares; regular and fruity, crispy rice. Pick one, or … even better … help kids make them both so everyone in the family can relive their childhood.
  • Easter Candy Cone
    Easter may not be here until the end of the month, but it’s never too early to start having a little holiday fun. Happily, fun is Joy Cone’s specialty.
    We’ve got a quick and delicious treat friends and family will love. With a few easy-to-find ingredients, kids can be on their way to giving everyone a memorable Easter Funday!
  • Spring Dirt Cones
    Parents are often horrified when their children come home covered in dirt. Dirt, however, is like a kid magnet. We have a recipe that lets everyone enjoy playing in … and eating … the special kind of dirt we use for our Spring Dirt Cones.
    Our dirt is made with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate instant pudding. Insert a circus peanut topped with a piece of Sour S’ghetti to look like a carrot growing out of the dirt and you and your kids will be the hit of the neighborhood!
  • Bug Cones
    Bug cones are the perfect treat for Spring! Start with the same “dirt recipe” used in our Spring Dirt Cones or make cupcake cones made from the recipe found in our Joy Ice Cream Cupcake post, and we’ll show you how to top the cones with sweet ladybugs, butterflies, worms, and turtles.
  • Five Ways to Dip Your Ice Cream Cones
    We think ice cream cones are perfect as-is. But it’s fun to get the kids involved in trying to make them even more perfect in a variety of creative ways.
    We share five dipping ideas that will top off your cones in extra-sweet ideas kids will love.From chocolate dip and crushed pretzels to dark chocolate and chopped caramel bits, we’ll help make the rim of your cone a work of art.

How have you gotten your kids involved in helping create a new ice cream cone experience? What other recipes have you and your kids made from the Joy Cone recipes page or craft page? We’d love to hear some of your ideas on our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube page.

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