In 1762, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, asked that some beef be placed between two pieces of bread, making his meal portable, and we all remember him to this day for his ingenuity.

While being an Earl is nice, Joy Cone can help you achieve the even greater status of being considered the King or Queen of the Ice Cream Sandwich in your neighborhood … or at least in your own home … when you present friends and family with this tasty, homemade treat.


  • Your favorite ice cream
  • 1 box Joy Waffle Cone or Joy Chocolate Waffle Cones (use two cones per sandwich)
  • 2 Paper towels
  • 1 – Gallon-size plastic zipper bag
  • Optional: To taste – candies, sauces, and toppings


Place one paper towel sheet in the microwave. Add a Joy Waffle Cone and microwave for 75 seconds. As the cone heats, it will begin to open.

When cooking time has elapsed, remove the cone from the microwave and place onto the countertop. (Careful … the waffle cone will be hot, watch any little ones who will naturally want to touch it.)

Quickly place an additional piece of paper towel over the top of the slightly flattened cone so that two pieces of paper towels are sandwiching the waffle cone. Flip the cone and, using the flat of your hand, press down all around while the cone is still warm and pliable. If the waffle cone begins to stiffen, return it to the microwave and heat in 30 second increments. Remove from the microwave and continue to flatten, repeating the process until the cone is completely flattened. Make sure to heat in short increments as opposed to a single, long heating session as the cone will scorch if overheated.

Repeat with a second cone so that two Joy Waffle Cone wafers are created. (NOTE: Due to the cocoa in Joy Chocolate Waffle Cones, extra microwaving is necessary as these cones have a firmer consistency than Joy Waffle Cones.)

Place a single Joy Waffle Cone wafer on a plate.

Leave your favorite ice cream on the countertop until it’s slightly softened. Place the desired amount of ice cream filling into a bowl. Beat using a hand mixer or whip in a stand mixer for 30 seconds, until ice cream is smooth. If the mixture seems too soft, place the bowl in the freezer until firmer.

Open a standard gallon-sized plastic zip lock bag, add all the whipped/softened ice cream and seal the bag, while simultaneously letting out all the air.

Squeeze the ice cream towards one of the bottom corners of the bag. As the ice cream collects into the corner, begin to twist the bag to tighten the mixture. Once the mixture is tight, cut the corner of the bag and pipe the ice cream onto the open, flattened Joy Waffle Cone in a spiral pattern until the desired amount of filling is added.

Add toppings of choice and close your sandwich with the second opened, flattened cone wafer. If the ice cream mixture is a little too soft for your liking, gently place the sandwich on a plate and place it in the freezer until the desired ice cream firmness is achieved.

That’s all there is to it! Who knew being royalty was so easy?

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