Improving On Perfection with Three Types of Sugar Cones

Improving On Perfection with Three Types of Sugar Cones

It’s easy to think of Joy Cone Sugar Cones as being almost a part of one’s family; they’ve been with us for our entire lives, and memories of Joy Sugar Cones evoke fun and carefree times of incredible joy. Whether as a child or adult, what is more enjoyable than eating an ice cream cone? Blog Picture While there are several types of ice cream cones, sugar cones, with their solid round edge and sturdy construction, are what most people think of when envisioning an ice cream cone. They’re what you’ll find at most ice cream shops.

Although sugar cones are similar to their sweeter cousin, the equally popular waffle cone, sugar cones are a bit thicker, a bit smaller, and always stay crunchy down to the final bite.

Because of their perfect design, construction, and flavor, the sugar cone remained unchanged for many decades. However, Joy Cone came up with two big changes to sugar cones that, for many, might just make them even better.

Joy Cones and Oreo Cookies are about the same age, both being born just over 100 years ago, so we at Joy Cone thought it would be an excellent idea to combine America’s most popular cone with America’s best-selling cookie. Teaming up with the maker of Oreo® Cookies seemed like a natural partnership and that’s how Sugar Cones With Oreo® Cookie Pieces was born.

We’ve taken pieces of Oreo basecake crumbs and added them to our traditional sugar cone recipe. The result is a dark-chocolate colored, crunchy, textured cone that makes the ideal companion to any ice cream flavor. You may even be tempted to break the cone into pieces and eat the pieces after dipping them in milk, and that’s alright with us.

We at Joy Cone also realized that there are an estimated 6-7% of Americans that are gluten sensitive, and we recognized that there are a huge number of people who were being deprived of one of life’s happiest experiences – enjoying an ice cream cone – because of their sensitivity to gluten. Always wanting to share the Joy with everyone, we had our innovative scientists at Joy Cone create Gluten-Free Sugar Cones.

We’ve replaced the wheat flour used in our sugar cones, with the highest quality rice flour, resulting in Joy Cone’s Gluten-Free Sugar Cones being the best-tasting gluten-free ice cream cones in the market. Those who need to be gluten-free can finally indulge in the inimitable Joy of eating their favorite ice cream out of the finest cone in the world.

With three styles of sugar cones, we’re certain there’s something that everyone can enjoy. And, as challenging as it may seem, we at Joy Cone promise that we will never stop trying to improve on products that seem to already be perfect.

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