Fun Ways to Use Waffle Cones

Fun Ways to Use Waffle Cones

It’s only natural to associate ice cream with cones. Heck, they’re even paired in the often-used phrase, “ice cream cones”.Not only are cones portable and allow for portion control, but they can also be used in creative and unexpected ways. From savory snacks to sweet crafts, cones can be a fun and tasty way to enjoy food with your family. So, why not try something new and explore the possibilities of cones.

Of all the cones, the waffle cone has the longest history, going back over 100 years and, because it’s sweet taste and crunchy texture, it’s a great example to use in showing ways to pair the waffle cone with other foods, and even incorporate it into a craft or two.

Since fall is in the air, let’s look at a few seasonally creative ways to employ the waffle cone.

Start with the fall flavor of apples and make the Apple Crumb Cinnamon Roll Cone; an autumn treat that includes cinnamon apples, cinnamon rolls, and the incomparable crunch of a waffle cone.

Discover the Joy of Waffle Cones: Fun and Flavorful Ways to Celebrate Autumn

Just in time for Halloween, we use a variety of Joy cones … including the Chocolate Waffle Cone witch shown below … to make delectably scary Halloween Cake Ball Treats.

Halloween Cake Ball Treat

Another flavor of fall is the taste of maple syrup, which makes our Breakfast Waffle Cones the perfect early-morning comfort food with bits of French toast, fresh fruit, and maple syrup all stuffed into a crisp and crunchy waffle cone.

Breakfast Waffle Cones

If you’re just looking for a delightfully new way to reward the family, check out our Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Joy Ice Cream Cone that include adding innovative toppings, and turning your cones into everything from piglets to unicorns to kittens.

Fun Toppings in Joy Cone Ice Cream Cones

Autumn means football, and Joy brings you an easy, portable snack for watching the game at home or socializing at a tailgate party with a fun, personally portioned way to serve wings; it’s our Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese Waffle Cone. Hand them out to friends and family with no fuss and no dishes to wash.

Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese Waffle Cone

Finally, if you’re into crafts, Joy can contribute something there, too. Check out our Fall Crafts Featuring Joy Cones. While these crafts also use sugar cones and cake cups, the ideas will get you thinking of many ways to use Joy Waffle Cones, including the fall-themed Cornucopia … or should we say, Cone-ucopia … Ice Cream Cones, and to make autumn-inspired crafts like the cone-inspired Ice Cream Halloween Costume pictured below.

Creative Halloween Ice Cream Cone Costume

As the weather cools, it’s time to ramp up the many alternate and delicious uses for Joy Waffle Cones. Let us know what ideas you’ve come up with!

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