Buffalo, New York is home to the original Buffalo wing, which was invented at a local restaurant called Anchor Bar. While there are disputes over the exact origin story of the Buffalo wing, few can contest its impact on modern American cuisine.

Once a regional bar food, the Buffalo wing is now popular across the United States and served in a variety of sauces and combinations. This Buffalo Wing Blue Cheese Waffle Cone recipe is our take on a classic dish.

Perfect for game night, movie night, or a patio party, this recipe is a fun, personal portioned way to serve wings. The best part is, no cleanup! With waffle cones, you won’t have to do dishes after the party.



  • Frozen Buffalo-style boneless wings
  • Blue cheese dressing
  • Blue cheese crumbles
  • Green onions (chopped)
  • Joy Cone waffle cones


  1. Heat buffalo wings in the microwave or oven as instructed on the box.
  2. Place three to four buffalo wings in a waffle cone, or until full.
  3. Drizzle blue cheese dressing over the wings.
  4. Top filled cone with blue cheese crumbles and chopped green onions.


For easy assembly and serving, place each cone in a mason jar to help them stand up straight. This will keep the cone upright and wings intact.

Would you try this twist on classic Buffalo wings? For more classic and crazy ice cream cone recipes, check out the Joy Cone blog.

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