EnJOY Cones and Cups Even Without The Ice Cream!

EnJOY Cones and Cups Even Without The Ice Cream!

The words “ice cream cone” are seen together so often, it’s easy to see why many people think they’re inseparable.While we do think a waffle cone, sugar cone, and cake cup, are absolutely the best accompaniment to any ice cream, and there’s no better way to eat ice cream than out of a cone, the cone itself has a versatility that goes beyond the usual sweet, frozen treat.

Think of the waffle cone, sugar cone, and cake cup as a deliciously crunchy container for any food, and then let your imagination run wild.

To get you started, we’re providing five recipes for using Joy Cones in ways that don’t include ice cream, but instead use the cone as an incredibly tasty, edible container.

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We hope you’ll come up with your own ideas and will share them with other Joy Cone fans on Facebook or Instagram!

  • Breakfast Waffle Cones – What a wonderful way to start your day! French toast covered with fruit and berries makes a great breakfast, but can be made even better by turning French toast into French toast sticks, then layering them into a Joy Waffle Cone with fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Transform this breakfast staple into an unconventional mobile meal kids and adults can’t wait to devour.
  • S’Mores Popcorn – S’mores are usually made around a campfire or over a grill and we think Summer is hot enough without adding an open flame to the equation. While popcorn is great by itself, it’s particularly good when coated with something tasty. Our advice? Just coat popcorn with the ingredients in S’mores, and then load every morsel into a Joy Chocolate Waffle Cone. Here’s the best part: the Joy Chocolate Waffle Cone not only makes this sweet delicacy portable, but also keeps everyone’s fingers from getting sticky. 
  • No-Hassle Tailgate Party Foods – Football training camp has already started, and we can help get your tailgate party up to speed. While others are having foods like grilled meats, pizza, wings, and various dips, you can supply spectacular desserts with some easy recipes using  Joy Sugar Cones, Joy Waffle Cones, Joy Jumbo Cups, and  enJOY-a-Bowls® to make a Football-Shaped Cheesecake Ball, Jumbo Football Cupcake Cones, and Apple Crisp enjoy-a-Bowls. You’ll be the hit of the parking lot!
  • Cheesecake-Filled ConesConstructing these single-serving cheesecake cones is significantly less effort compared to baking a full cheesecake, and yet with the base ingredients of cream cheese, sugar, and heavy whipping cream, they taste just like the real deal. Plus, the best part is you can make them with your favorite Joy product — anything from Joy Sugar Cones to Joy Mini Cups or Joy Color Cups.
  • Cake Pops – Everyone has a different favorite type of cake, and it requires coordinating plates, forks, and a flat surface on which to eat. We think that something so delicious should be more convenient to serve and enjoy. Happily, our  Joy Sugar Cones make the perfect cake companion. Just take your favorite type of donut holes, give them a candy coating, sprinkles, and an optional chocolate drizzle, before placing them into one of our delicious sugar cones, and they instantly become the most conveniently portable way to eat cake that’s ever been devised. 

Don’t forget to come up with your own recipes and share them on our social media pages! We can’t wait to see your ideas. 

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