Unicorns are everywhere. From your breakfast toast to pool floaties, everywhere you look you can see this pop-culture phenomenon. One of the ways millennial moms are joining the trend is by throwing epic unicorn birthday bashes for their little ones.

Are you interested in re-living your love of Lisa Frank while decorating for a party where you can expect to see some My Little Ponies? We know you’re busy, but let us help! We’ve searched the internet for you, brought together some of the best unicorn party ideas, and we’re excited to share with you the tools to throw the best unicorn birthday party.

Invitations and Decorations

Who is on your invite list? How do you plan to get them excited about your unicorn party? You’ll start with the invitations. Printable invitations are easily customizable for your kid’s party and can be printed at home or the local copy shop.

Now that you’ve told people about the party, it’s time to gather your decorations. Unicorn parties can be as simple or as elaborate as you have time and excitement. Do you want to cover your tables with tulle table skirts? Do you have plans to line the walls with a colorful backdrop and giant unicorn balloons? All these do-it-yourself projects can help you make a big splash with little out-of-pocket expense.

Don’t forget about doing miniature balloon rainbows to decorate tables and backdrops as well. The magic of the rainbow might be the perfect backdrop to complement brightly colored serving dishes and cake stands.

Never fear, we haven’t forgotten about finding the right paper plates, napkins, and punch cups. You can find them online in packs for the whole party, or pick out individually colored ones to fit your specific unicorn vision.

Food and Drinks

The centerpiece of any unicorn party is the cake, right? You can find many do-it-yourself unicorn cake tutorials. If cake doesn’t trip your trigger, can we suggest an ice cream party? Create unicorn sundaes with the ice cream cones as the horns or sprinkle magic on top of the cones.

Even big national chains like Target are getting into the unicorn game by selling Unicorn Magic ice cream! With a few candy wafers and some sprinkles–your unicorn party will be full of magic ice cream cone horns.

Another option is to bake cupcakes and draw a little face and add a cone for a horn. Baking cupcakes in cones are another fun way to include ice cream cones. Dish up some unicorn dip with cinnamon crackers to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

Since humans can’t live on sugar and other sweets alone, we’ve also got some ideas for you to stay healthy while still fitting in with the theme. Use fresh fruits to make a rainbow fruit tray. Impress your guests with magical rainbow pasta and parmesan clouds or show off your veggie love with a rainbow pizza.

If your unicorn party is planned in cooler climates or during cooler weather, consider a recipe like this one from Imperial Sugar for Unicorn Hot Chocolate! Adults and kids alike will fall in love with this special and warm treat.

During warmer weather, serve a magical unicorn punch by combining blue store-bought punch, lemon-lime soda, birthday cake ice cream, and orange sherbet. There are hundreds of recipes found online but this blog post lists some of our favorites.

Dressing the Part

One essential part of transforming your guests into magical, galloping unicorns is the outfit. There is no way to feel like a unicorn without the single majestic horn. Using headbands to create the illusion of the horn is an uncomplicated way to provide your guests with the one thing they really need.

Like so many of these unicorn party ideas, you can use your inner artisan to craft headbands with ears and horns before or during the party. If your inner artisan is feeling strained, you can find more choices than you need with a single online search for “unicorn headbands”.

If you want to continue the fantasy costumes, it’s easy to go all in on a full unicorn costume. You can also choose to buy unicorn tails and tutus on sites like Etsy or Ebay.

If you’re planning to create tails or tutus for your guests, there are online tutorials for that too. You can find tutorials on how to make simple unicorn tails and tutus across the internet.

Games and Activities

Include your friends and family in the magic of bringing unicorns to life through some games and activities. Let games flow naturally and run their course, but below you’ll find some ideas for increasing the fun.

Try a variant of a ring-toss game with cheap dollar store glow necklaces and unicorn party hats. The kids can exchange hats as they ring a new one, replacing their old one into the game. Another option is to see who can ring the most party hats in one turn.

Next, teach everyone a game of Unicorn Tag. This game is a special kind of tag where one child is “it” and begins each round with a unicorn headband in place. As they begin to tag the other kids, each new person tagged must put on a unicorn headband, until you have a glittering field full of unicorns instead of children at a party.

If the little guests at your party have consumed even half of the suggested sugar for a unicorn party, it might be time to start a Pool Noodle Unicorn Race. Create “stick unicorns” from pool noodles according to one of the tutorials and watch as the children become magical flying creatures.

No unicorn-themed party would be complete without a Unicorn Piñata! There is any number of tutorials teaching you how to make your own. However, if you’re running low on time you can pick one up wherever you buy your party supplies.

Have you ever had a pet rock? Well, why not create unicorn rocks with paint pens, stickers, craft paper, and white river rocks? Your guests will create memories together and with you, while they name their new friends.

How do you feel about a yard full of sweaty unicorns? Would you rather they be wet from playing in the sprinkler?  If your party is in a warmer climate or in the summertime, invest in a Giant Unicorn Yard Sprinkler and create a reality for your guests where dreams come true.

Goodie Bags and Party Favors

If you created unicorn rocks or pool noodle unicorns, you’ll send those home with each guest. If you didn’t do those activities, don’t worry! You can put together a goodie bag for each guest which will help them remember this unicorn party for a long time to come.

When you search for unicorn goodie bags and party favors, you won’t find a shortage. One simple and inexpensive suggestion is to make goodie bags out of white gift bags, curly ribbon, and some gold card stock.

Once your gift bags are assembled, you can fill them with fun treats! Place some blue and pink cotton candy in a cone-shaped baggie and call it “unicorn fur.” Use multi-colored jellybeans to share some “unicorn droppings” and see the room erupt in giggles. Fill a sugar Joy Cone full of multi-colored marshmallows and tell your guests it’s “unicorn feed.”

Savor the Moments

We know as well as anyone that these moments don’t last forever. Your little ones grow up faster every day. It won’t be long before they no longer fit on a magical, single-horned creature made from a pool noodle.

Take tons of pictures and share a few on social media. Keep the memories alive each day by recreating those moments with special ice cream and Joy Cones. In fact, share the pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram (@joyconeco) by using the hashtag #BringJoyHome. We’d love to hear more about how much fun you have at your unicorn parties!

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