Create an Ice Cream Cone Gift Basket for Teacher Appreciation

Posted on May 11, 2018

The end of the school year is quickly approaching. Creating and scheduling summer plans to keep your kids busy makes you appreciate the teachers who plan their days during the school year.

How do you plan to let them know you (and your children) appreciate the work they’ve put in all year? Why not give them an experience in a gift basket! We’ve compiled everything you need to give the gift of an old-fashioned ice cream social your kids’ teacher can enjoy anytime, with or without inviting others.

Pick a Gift Basket and Storage Containers

To set the style for the entire gift, you’ve got to choose a basket, bucket, or tub to use as the base. Do you want the gift to look farmhouse-style with a classic basket or industrial with a steel wash tub? Even an apple-shaped mesh basket — there are too many options to list them all!

Your next move is to figure out how you will package the toppings. If you’re looking for a simple and cheap container, plastic zip-style baggies are always an option. You can add descriptions of what is inside or jot down little notes on each baggie.

If you want to show your child’s teacher your appreciation with a gift they can reuse, you could use magnetic spice tins to package the toppings. This way, they can see what is inside through the clear top and reuse the tin for spices or class supplies later on.

Another option is to use small canning jars to package the toppings. Canning Jars can be reused in many crafty ways and are an incredibly popular container for everything from food to screws. There are assorted styles and sizes to choose from as well.

Cones Make the Party

Next, you have to decide what kind of Joy Cones you’ll add to the gift basket. Will you choose cake cones, waffle cones, sugar cones? If you happen to know which one the teacher prefers, you’re in luck. If you don’t know, maybe add a sleeve of all three kinds!

Another option is a waffle bowl. Making a sundae is a little easier with the flat base and wide opening. The fun options don’t stop there! Chocolate waffle cones, mini cups, and color cups make great additions to a teacher appreciation gift basket. Don’t forget, there are gluten-free options too.

No matter which cones or combinations you choose, this gift basket is sure to bring a smile to any teacher’s face.

Choose Your Toppings

Making topping decisions can be a tough job, but don’t let that get you down. If you provide a plethora of options, your favorite teacher can change their ice cream selection with every mood.

Some ideas for toppings to include:

  • Sprinkles – They come in all shapes and sizes. They practically scream party!
  • Nuts – Whether we’re talking peanuts or pecans, many people love the crunch of nuts on their ice cream.
  • Cherries – You can’t have an ice cream party without the cherries.
  • Syrups – Whether you make your own or buy a favorite, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and cherry syrup are welcome friends at any ice cream party.
  • Cookie toppings – Creating cookie dust in a zip-style baggie to sprinkle on top can add another flavor layer to the ice cream.
  • Other candies – Gummy bears, marshmallows, chocolate covered candies, or crushed mints could be the perfect touch.

Don’t Forget the Ice Cream

You can’t throw an ice cream social without ice cream, but putting a tub of the frozen treat in a gift basket won’t work either. Why not snag a gift card from your favorite local grocer or ice cream shop? With a few dollars on a gift card, the choice of flavor (or flavors) is left in the hands of your intended gift recipient!

Use this cute downloadable file to make personal tags for your items! Have your child write notes about lessons they learned during the year and add your own notes about how much you appreciate the teacher guiding them in their studies.

Finally, throw in an ice cream scoop to finish off the gift properly. A good ice cream scoop can last for years and will show the true depth of your appreciation for the education received from the teacher.

There’s Always Room for Ice Cream

If you’re interested in more ideas involving ice cream cones and fun, check out more recipes and ideas on our blog. Whether you’re looking to take your ice cream party on the road or looking for a unique dining option, you can find it there.

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