Bring JOY to the Easter Season with These No-Mess Treats!

Bring JOY to the Easter Season with These No-Mess Treats!

Our memories of Easters past most likely involve the many treats to be had and the colorful pastel themes that signaled the end of a long, dreary, gray winter.

But, after so many Easters, are you getting tired of dying eggs, getting more dye on your hands, on your table, and on the floor than on the eggs? Are you growing weary of the endless variations on chocolate eggs and bunnies? Are you in the mood for something different, yet something that still has all the elements of an old-fashioned Easter? Joy Cone has some great ideas that may help!

Joy Color Cups come in the same lovely pastel colors that have traditionally been the colors of Easter and of Spring; pretty pink, bold blue, and powerful purple. This year, instead of dying your hands and your kitchen table while dying eggs, think about using Joy’s Color Cups for your Easter and Spring goodies.

Easter Candy Cones are a delightful treat for anyone who loves traditional Easter sweets, like marshmallow bunnies and jellybeans, combined with your favorite ice cream flavor, all served in festive pastel-color Joy Color Cups. They’re fun for the whole family to make and even more fun to eat. In blog Image Of course, there’s still plenty of Spring left after the holiday, so that means it’s a good time for Joy Spring Crispy Cones! Simply take your Joy Cone Color Cups, and fill them with marshmallow crispy rice, decorated in an endless variety of ways. Plus, our recipe includes a fruity, crispy variation!

You’ll find another great idea for a springtime treat with our Joy Ice Cream Cupcake  recipe. Once again, use Joy Color Cups to replace your traditional cupcake liners, filling the cups with your favorite cake mix. After a short time in the oven, you’ve got delicious cupcakes served in even more delicious Joy Color Cups.

No matter how you celebrate Easter or Spring, Joy Color Cups fit right in with the JOYful seasonal décor.

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