Types of Ice Cream Cones: Waffle, Cake, and Sugar

Types of Ice Cream Cones: Waffle, Cake, and Sugar

Ice cream isn’t complete without a cone. There are a variety of cone types—each with their own flavor, texture, and ingredients.

While it may seem trivial, the type of cone you choose can change your entire ice cream experience, so it’s important to choose the perfect cone for you.

At Joy Cone Co., we manufacture the three most common types of ice cream cones with family recipes that have withstood the test of time. Each cone type comes in a variety of sizes, and we also offer gluten-free versions!

Most people don’t actually know the difference between cake cones, waffle cones, and sugar cones. We’ve broken down each cone type, explaining the similarities and differences, and which ice cream treats they pair well with.

What is a waffle cone?

The waffle cone is a classic. Waffle cones are medium to deep caramel brown color, sugar-flavored, pointed waffle-style cone with a crunchy texture. They are pressed in a special waffle iron and rolled to perfection. They have a pointy bottom and wide mouth to hold more ice cream—and who doesn’t love that? Waffle cones have a higher sugar content than sugar cones, but they are also a great source of fiber.

Waffle cones are perfect if you love toppings on your ice cream. Their wide brim will hold sauce, sprinkles, and nuts without spilling. Waffle cones also pair well with fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, and even granola.

What is a cake cone?

A cake cone is light, golden-brown, neutral-flavored, wafer-style cup with a crisp texture. They have a flat bottom that can be set down, making them perfect for kids. Cake cones have the subtlest flavor of all the cones and pair well with any ice cream flavor. They also have the lowest sugar content. If you’re an ice cream purist, cake cones are the perfect cone to compliment your ice cream without overpowering it.

Cake cones are the perfect pair for any flavor of soft serve. Because they have a flat bottom, there is no chance of ice cream leaking through the bottom.

What is a sugar cone?

Sugar cones are often mistaken for waffle cones due to their darker color and lattice pattern. However, there are a few distinct differences. Sugar cones are made with a different type of batter so they are harder. Sugar cones have a stronger texture because dairies began prefilling cones with ice cream from long-term packaging and storage. This required a stronger cone that could withstand the ice cream over long periods of time. Joy Cone sugar cones are made with brown sugar for a sweeter, more delicious taste. Like waffle cones, sugar cones are conical with a pointy tip. However, unlike the waffle cone, sugar cones have a flat brim.

Sugar cones pair well with almost any ice cream and are the best option for slow eaters. Because they’re so crunchy, they won’t get soggy if your ice cream starts to melt in warm weather. If you like a good crunch with your ice cream, sugar cones are the right option for you.

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