The JOY of Sugar Cones!

The JOY of Sugar Cones!

Out of the three basic types of cones and cups made by Joy Cone Co.… Sugar Cones, Waffle Cones, and Cake Cups … do you have a favorite? We do … we love all three! In this blog, however, we’re going to only take a closer look at the sugar cone. We’ll do the same for our other two favorites in the near future.

At first glance, the sugar cone could easily be confused with the waffle cone because they both have a lattice, waffle-like pattern. The sugar cone, though, has several features which distinguishes it from any other type of cone or cup.

With a traditional cone shape that’s pointed at the bottom, the sugar cone is produced with a slightly different batter in a different type of oven than other kinds of cones use, which results in a thicker cone. The added thickness makes sugar cones extra crispy and crunchy. If you like a good crunch with your ice cream, sugar cones can supply that extra texture.

Joy Sugar Cones also have a visual difference that makes them easy to identify. The top rim of a sugar cone is smooth and circular with a slight ridge, which allows extra stability so you can add an additional scoop or two … or three.

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In addition to the traditional sugar cone, Joy offers the incredibly popular and delicious Sugar Cone Made with Oreo® Cookie Pieces, which adds the taste of America’s favorite cookie to the otherwise nearly perfect sugar cone. 

It all depends on personal preference, whether you enjoy a sugar cone, waffle cone, or cake cup; however, if you’re a confirmed waffle cone or cake cup connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to try a sugar cone. It’s a different ice cream experience we think you’ll love.

If you’ve never tried a sugar cone, you owe it to yourself to pick up a box of Joy Sugar Cones. It’s a different ice cream experience we think you’ll love.

For more info on the various types of cones, check out our blog on all the differences between waffle cones, sugar cones, and cake cups.  

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