Senior Sanitation Technician

Job Title: Senior Sanitation Technician


This position is located in Flagstaff, AZ. Please do not apply if you are not in the area, able to commute, or willing to relocate.

JOB SUMMARY: The Senior Sanitation Technician reports directly to the Sanitation Department Supervisor and is responsible for scheduling, performing, testing, and documenting various cleaning procedures in the facility.  This position will assist in the development and maintenance of clean-up, sanitation, pest control, and batter room policies and procedures.  The Senior Sanitation Technician is responsible for new hire and annual refresher training within the department.


  • Clean and sanitize batter lines, mixers, and coolers
  • Daily, weekly, monthly review and verification of all food safety records pertaining to clean-up, sanitation, pest control, and batter room
  • Document production line and equipment cleanings and maintain cleaning logs
  • Assist with maintaining and reporting chemical inventories
  • Complete the Master Sanitation Cleaning
  • Assist with filing of documentation
  • Perform regularly scheduled sanitation inspection of the production floor and grounds
  • Administer all sanitation, clean-up, pest control, and batter room training and records
  • Assist with work orders for clean-up, sanitation, batter room and pest control personnel
  • Coordinate and organize the start-up of “specialty batters”
  • Assist on internal audits as necessary
  • Assist in training others on cleaning procedures
  • Perform related duties as required by supervision


  • Must be able to safely lift up to 50 pounds
  • Schedule must be flexible as it will be partially based on production schedule / demands
  • Must be able to work shutdowns
  • Must be able to speak, listen and openly communicate with team members
  • Follow direction and perform assigned work duties independently with minimal supervision
  • Adherence to the company attendance policy is required, including expectations of punctuality and limited unapproved absences.
  • Able to read, understand, and strictly follow written procedures for multiple controlled processes
  • Able to legibly and accurately record information on reports and spreadsheets
  • Good understanding of and strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Policies (GMP)
  • Must be organized and able to manage work tasks effectively
  • Able to identify areas that need attention and either address or report as necessary
  • Participate in ongoing education including off-site training (seminars, certification, etc…)
  • Involves computer systems and software operation


  • Must have demonstrated proactive attitude toward problem solving
  • Must have demonstrated a good work record and attendance
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel or able to learn

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Location: Flagstaff, AZ

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