Cone Packer

Job Title: Cone Packer



· Work primarily with machinery, assembly line, moving parts etc.

· Responsible for cone quality, row counts and feeding cones onto the line.

· Responsible for making and sealing cases.

· Responsible for proper operation of Jacket and Syrup Dispenser.

· Responsible for sorting and stacking rows of cones onto cooling racks.

· Responsible for sealing cases and stacking onto pallets.

· Responsible for hand packing over wrapped cones into cases

· Responsible for operations of automated packaging equipment, such as flow rappers, cartoners, case packers, case erectors, case sealers, labelers, X-Ray machines, and metal detectors

· Does not supervise other employees


· Good attendance (as defined by attendance policy)

· Must be able to regularly lift up to 50 pounds above shoulder height.

· Job involves repetitive bending, turning, twisting, use of hands and rotation of wrists.

· Required to stand on their feet and/ or walk between 5 & 8 hours per day.

· Must be able to detect audible tones and alarms

· Frequently communicate with coworkers in long and short distances

· Must be able to distinguish and sort by color.

· Keep a clean work area to ensure safety

· Ability to work rotating shifts (Morning, Afternoon, Midnight)


· Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.


· Must have demonstrated good work habits and attendance.

· Must be able to read and follow written and verbal instructions.

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Location: Hermitage, PA

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