Batter Room Lead

Job Title: Batter Room Lead


Please Note:

  • This is an internal position. 
  • This position is located in Hermitage, PA. Please do not apply if you are not in the area, able to commute, or willing to relocate.


​​The batter room lead is responsible for the preparation of diverse batter recipes in strict adherence to designated recipe charts. This lead role in the batter room, the foundation of our cone production process, ensures adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), enforcement of allergen cleaning protocols, and routine sanitation of mixers, coolers, and batter lines. Additionally, the batter room lead oversees and mentors the batter room team which requires a strong commitment to and aptitude for training staff and facilitating a positive work environment.


  • Give direction and oversee all Batter Room Attendants
  • Communicate non-conformities with Shift Supervisors
  • Clean/sanitize all batter lines and equipment running to and from batter room
  • Clean all batter room equipment and structures as described in Batter Room Clean-Up Logs
  • Follow proper procedures for cleaning of biohazard spills/accidents
  • Mix syrup as described in the Syrup Making and Viscosity Testing Procedures
  • Conduct all ingredient and equipment inspections and complete required testing
  • Ensure product authenticity via verification of ingredients
  • Identify areas that need attention and either address or report as necessary
  • Conduct checks pertaining to Food Safety and Quality and documentation of checks as required
  • Perform related duties as required by supervisor


  • ​​Able to read, interpret, and follow instructions for detailed, controlled processes including but not limited to chemical use, cleaning processes and systems, and safety procedures
  • ​Able to make and record measurements with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability
  • ​Good understanding of and strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Policies (GMP)
  • ​Must be organized and maintain work area to a high level of cleanliness
  • Understand, follow, and promote safe working practices
  • ​Must be able to speak, listen, and effectively communicate with team members
  • Able to gather, organize, compile and summarize data
  • ​Follow direction and perform assigned work duties independently with minimal supervision
  • Able to learn software and programs related to chemical inventory and sanitation duties
  • ​Adherence to the company attendance policy is required, including expectations of punctuality and limited unapproved absences
  • ​This position involves regular bending, stooping, twisting, and lifting
  • ​Required to stand on their feet and/ or walk up to 12 hours per day
  • ​Must be able to safely lift up to 75 pounds, climb, reach and regularly use stairs


  • Must have demonstrated a good work record and attendance
  • Must be able to perform all current task in all Batter Rooms
  • Proficient in Kleanz software program

Internal Applicants must submit a cover letter and resume to

Location: Hermitage, PA

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