Hermitage Tour Info

Joy Cone asks that you, as the group’s tour organizer, be sure ALL those participating in the tour are aware that:

  • Everyone will need to wear a hairnet (& a beard net) during the tour (provided by Joy Cone).

  • As of 01-01-2020, ALL visitors to the production floor will be required to wear safety glasses (provided by Joy Cone). We have both regular and over-the-glasses safety glasses for visitors.

  • Everyone will be asked to remove all jewelry; including, but not limited to; earrings, facial piercings, bracelets, necklaces, wrist watches, fitness trackers, etc. (A plain stone-less wedding band is the only exception).

  • We ask that any handbags or personal belongings remain in your vehicle. The only exception is if it is a medical necessity; including, but not limited to, personal/portable oxygen, insulin/diabetic needs, epi-pens, and the like. Please inform the tour coordinator at the tour start.

  •  Open toed shoes and backless shoes are NOT permitted in the production area at any time.

  • Sleeveless shirts; including, but not limited to tank tops, tube tops, cut off shirt sleeves, etc., are NOT permitted in the production areas.

  • As of 01-01-2019 short pants; including, but not limited to; shorts, capris, etc. are no longer permitted in the production areas. Pants must extend to the ankle.

  • We Do Not allow cameras of any kind in the production area; including cell phones, etc. The tour guide will end the tour right then and there if a cell phone or camera is seen.

  • The tour group will need to include 1 adult per every 3-4 children 5-7 years of age. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted on the production floor for both safety and sensory reasons-THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE MINIMUM AGE LIMIT.

  •  Everyone is required to stay with the tour guide(s) for the entire length of the tour.

  • Everyone will be offered a box of Joy brand cones at the end of the tour.

    *Anyone that does not adhere to these policies will not be allowed access to the production floor.

    **Joy Cone Company reserves the right to make changes to these tour requirements at any time and without prior notice to the tour groups, as applicable and within reason.

    ***Please note that we ARE NOT a Gluten Free Facility.  All of our cones contain wheat flour, except for the gluten free cones that are baked only in the PA facility on gluten free dedicated lines.

    ****We are a tree-nut-free facility.

    *****This tour is a walking tour. Please be prepared.  We can & will accommodate wheelchairs & walkers, etc., but the tour has no alternative to walking on the tour.

    Thank you once again and we look forward to meeting your group.  


    Bonnie Abinosa, Tour Coordinator

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