Waffle Bowls


Joy Cone Company’s taste and quality is superior to all others. Below are a few areas in which Joy’s unique baking formula sets us apart from our competitors:

  • High grade blend of cake and pastry flours vs. straight pastry flour
  • Dark brown sugar vs. white sugar plus molasses
    • Sweeter Taste
    • Molasses occurs naturally in brown sugar
    • Artificially adding molasses produces a burnt/bitter aftertaste
  • Less shortening
    • Shortening reduces shelf life and causes cone to lose fresh taste/smell
    • Shortening increases fragility


  • Dramatically increases strength and reduces breakage!

Our waffle bowls use the same batter formula as our waffle cones. This superior batter formulation, coupled with our uniquely designed bowl will help reduce breakage tremendously. The uniform size also adds to the strength of the product because there are no jagged edges to break off. Each bowl is uniform in size, which allows you the opportunity to properly portion your dessert offering. This portion control will insure that you do not lose money due to over-portioning.

If you have had problems with breakage, or you are not satisfied with the taste of your current waffle cone or bowl, give Joy a try. If you would like samples or more information, click here.

Joy Cone Company Waffle Bowls Specification Sheet

Depending on your screen size/resolution, cones may not be displayed as actual size.

ImageItemPackCountCone DimensionsNutrition Facts
waffle bowl#87060 Waffle Bowl6/10 Bulk60Height: 1-13/16"
Mouth Width: 4-1/2"
Inside Diameter: 4-1/4"
Bottom Outside Diameter: 2-7/8"
waffle bowlenJOY-a-Bowl12/12144Height: 1-1/2"
Top Outside Diameter: 3-13/32"
Bottom Outside Diameter: 2-1/32"
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