How to Incorporate Ice Cream Cones Into Your Big Proposal

Posted on May 23, 2019

Life presents lots of opportunities to put ourselves out there and make some big proposals — whether you’re asking someone to marry you, to be your prom date, or be a godparent to your newborn. When you have an important question to ask, adding a special twist and making the moment completely unique shows the gesture is coming straight from the heart.

To get you on your way, we pulled together some novel ideas for how you can pop the question with Joy Cones and make your proposal, whether big or small, one to remember.

Will You Be My Date?

There is no shortage to unique ways to ask someone out on a first date, to accompany you to a dance or other special school event, or to be your plus-one at your best friend’s wedding. A simple online search results in hundreds of clever ideas full of props people have used to ask each other out for those special nights.

You don’t want your dream date to think you didn’t put in the effort to be clever, right? You can stop searching the internet for ideas now, because these ice-cream-cone-themed ideas will be the cherry on top of your proposal.

We suggest you pick up a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream and two Joy Cones of your choice (we recommend the Joy Waffle Cones to fit in a “celebration serving” of ice cream) and create a sign to hold that says, “We were mint to be — go to formal with me?” When your future date says yes, you can snap tons of sweet photos as you celebrate with some dessert.

But wait, what if your future date doesn’t like mint chocolate chip? Grab their favorite ice cream flavor (or yours) and share a note that says, “Like two peas in a pod, we’re two scoops in a cone.” Melt my heart and be my date for prom!”

Who could refuse the clever wordplay and delightful treats?

Will You Marry Me?

So, you’re thinking about asking your significant other to marry you. How nervous are you, on a scale of one to 10 butterflies in your stomach?

Have you decided how you’ll ask? Whether searching on the internet or talking with friends and family, you’ll learn about proposals that range from pure simplicity to outrageous performances that took months to stage.

We’ve got ideas you can scale up or down to fit your relationship style but are sure to make your (ice cream cone) lover swoon. You could be spontaneous by showing up unannounced with sundae fixings, rolling off the couch during a Netflix marathon for something sweet, or simply surprising your intended with ice cream after a normal weeknight meal. Whatever fits your style, we’ve got some ideas you can incorporate.

Imagine serving your loved one dessert by creating an elaborate sundae in a bowl. All their favorite toppings cover the ice cream, and an upside-down Joy Sugar Cone tops it all off. Now slide the engagement ring onto the tip of the overturned cone. Deliver the sundae and wait for their eyes to begin to tear up.

At a backyard get-together or beach party with your friends and family, create an ice cream picnic. As you pass around all the toppings, tie the ring to a cherry stem and pop it onto the top of your loved one’s ice cream-filled cone. If you appreciate a good pun, you might relay to them: “A ‘yes’ would be the cherry on top of forever.”

How about this one? Pop the question with a lightbox sign that reads, “I can’t say I do without you,” and place it on a table surrounded by Joy Waffle Cones sitting upright in clear drinking glasses — the perfect start to an ice cream celebration for when your loved one says “yes!” Just make sure you have enough for everyone who’s in on the surprise, and don’t forget to hide some ice cream in the freezer and retrieve it when the time is right!

Once you’re officially engaged, then you’ve got a whole new set of questions to ask! It’s time to find bridesmaids, groomsmen, a ring bearer, and a flower girl. Why not use some of the same ideas we’ve talked about and incorporate delicious treats into those proposals too?

Will You Be a Godparent?

We’ve talked about getting dates and popping the biggest question, but what happens when there’s a baby in the baby carriage? Many religions and cultures around the world require parents to choose godparents for their children. They all have different rules for who can be a godparent and what the role includes; however, it’s always an important job. No matter the religion or culture, a godparent is usually someone very close with the family who promises to help lead the child spiritually and care for them as they grow.

It’s a monumental decision for anyone to make, which is why asking someone to be your child’s godparent in a special way has become incredibly popular.

One idea is to play off a popular godparent proposal idea using an elaborate mustache and the phrase, “I mustache you a question — will you be our godparent(s)?”

Why not fill a Joy Waffle Bowl with ice cream and add flair with plastic mustaches on sticks? Finish out the proposal with the phrase printed or painted on a sign hanging nearby or resting on the table.

If mustaches aren’t your cup of tea, try playing off a classic fairy tale by using magic wands on sticks instead of mustaches. Update the phrase to say, “Would you be a fairy godmother?” With this idea you can create an entire themed dinner or party using a magical princess motif.

There are so many ways to adapt godparent proposal ideas to involve ice cream and Joy Cones. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Watch Them Say Yes

With ideas like these up your sleeve, we hope you’ll be ready to pounce on the opportunity to ask all your biggest questions. These sweet ideas are just a few of the fun ways you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you.

In fact, we’re so excited for you that we hope you’ll tag us on Facebook or Instagram and share your JOY with us.

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