9 Hottest Ice Cream Trucks Around Miami

9 Hottest Ice Cream Trucks Around Miami

When the gourmet food truck craze met the freezer on wheels playing that catchy tune, a new breed of ice cream truck was born.

Today, you can expect more than the tinny notes blasting from the speaker and the frozen treats you purchased as a kid.

This summer, whether you’re a visitor or a full-time resident of the Miami area, be on the lookout for these nine ice cream trucks. Each one of them is serving up something special which can help you cool down on those sizzling summer days.

Cold Stone Creamery Truck

You know you love Cold Stone Creamery, but did you know you could get it from a truck? Well, at this truck you can! Not only will you find them at events while you’re out and about in Miami – you can also book them for events like employee appreciation events, weddings, and corporate picnics. You can invite the truck to serve all your Cold Stone favorites anytime.


Churrisimo is more than an ice cream truck, it’s is a dessert truck! You’ll find churros, ice cream, doughnuts, and more–sometimes even combined to make awesome hybrid desserts. Choose this crunchy, sweet dessert topped with different sauces and fillings for an exciting experience every time.

Karmic Ice Cream


Karmic Ice Cream trucks bring the nostalgia to every event they attend. Not only do you step back in time with each visit, but you’re guaranteed to find a flavor you love among all the options they sell. You can let your friends and family experience the nostalgia of the 1930s-1950s if you hire Karmic Ice Cream to cater your next event.

Pop Starz Plus

When you find the Pop Starz Plus food truck, it’s like finding all your favorite carnival foods in one location. Choose from deep-fried candy bars, funnel cakes, ice cream bars, and so much more. We especially suggest trying the deep-fried Oreos with ice cream.

The Scoop Coop


When you come across the Scoop Coop, you’ll find a menu featuring lactose and gluten-free options. Choose from gourmet shakes, cones, floats, malts, and even their own concoction called the cookie bomb.

Dolci Peccati


Calm your craving for gelato with a treat from the Dolci Peccati truck. The gelato artists who create this cold treat went to a special school to learn the art of making gelato. You can order the gelato by the scoop, gelato pops, milkshakes, and other fun treats.

Cosmos Ice Cream


If you’re looking for ice cream that claims to be out of this world, look no further than Cosmos Ice Cream. Touted as the “largest ice cream truck in the world,” this former airport shuttle bus even has an upper deck where patrons can enjoy their nitrogen-frozen ice cream.

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

When you visit Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Truck, enjoy a selection of their special gelati. This concoction is layers of Italian ice sandwiched between layers of soft-serve ice cream. Choose from one of more than 40 flavors to experience this exciting treat.



You can find HipPOPs across southern Florida, but when you visit their website, their weekly calendar will show you where to find them. They offer hand-crafted gelati, sorbets, and frozen yogurt turned into popsicles. The POPs are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Summertime is for Ice Cream

Go on an adventure and try one of these tasty treats while you’re out and about this summer. However, sometimes you simply can’t make it to one of these trucks–and those are the times when you pick up a box of Joy Cones at your local grocery store. Check out more of our recipes for ideas for how to create your own tasty treats at home.

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