How to Scoop the Perfect Ice Cream Cone

How to Scoop the Perfect Ice Cream Cone

Remember those summer days when your family would pile into the car, go to the soda shop, and watch as the ice cream magicians scooped a perfect dollop of ice cream onto an ice cream cone?

Well, we are here to tell you that you can now become the ice cream magician for your family! Follow along below to learn how to scoop the perfect ice cream cone!

Marshmallows are Your Best Friend


First, add a mini marshmallow or two to the bottom of the ice cream cone. This is a sweet way to stop the ice cream from dripping out the bottom as it melts. BONUS: You get a little treat at the end!

“S” is for Scooping


Scoop your ice cream in an s-shape pattern, firmly rolling it into a ball as you go. Ice cream freezes from the inside out, so scooping in the s-shape will keep the colder parts in the middle. Ultimately, this allows you to eat the melty ice cream first.

Upside Down is the Right Way


We know this sounds like the opposite of what you want to do, but by placing the cone on top of the ice cream (instead of vice versa), you are able to lightly press down to create a seal between the ice cream and cone.



With the cone in one hand and the scooper in the other, gently flip the ice cream cone right-side up and rock the scoop back and forth to release or use the lever if your scooper has one.

Snap a Picture


Half the fun of eating an ice cream cone is being able to take an Instagram-worthy picture. Don’t forget to tag us @JoyConeCo and use the hashtag #BringJoyHome for a chance to be featured on our page!

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