Non-Employee GMP Handout


The Hermitage Cookie Facility (HCF) is committed to producing high quality products with food and personnel safety as top priorities. In order to produce a consistently safe and sanitary product for consumption, strict adherence to GMPs is practiced. GMP is an abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Policies and consists of various policies set in place to prevent contamination of the product. All visitors (including contractors, service providers and potential employees) must understand and follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) Program and Food Defense Policy described in this handout.

Sanitary Practices

  • Everyone entering a food handling area must maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness while on site.
  • Hands must be thoroughly washed immediately prior to entering production/warehouse areas & immediately prior to touching food-contact surfaces
  • Hands must be washed prior to returning to production if traveling form a production to non-production work area and back.
  • Hands must be washed as follows: immediately after using the lunch room, immediately after using restroom facilities, after smoking, after handling contaminated materials, at any other time after coming in contact with dirt.
  • Hand sanitation methods are located throughout production for areas where hand washing stations are not readily accessible.
  • Those aware that they are carrying a disease or have symptoms likely transmitted through food, cannot engage in food handling and must report their condition to the supervisor, who will ensure that this person does not come in contact with food or food contact surfaces.
  • Symptoms to be cognizant of include: severe diarrhea, vomiting, open skin sore(s), boil(s), fever, dark urine & jaundice.
  • Cuts, sores, and open wounds must be covered by company-provided blue, metal-detectable bandages. Other bandages are not acceptable.
  • The bandage must be covered with a company-issued non-latex glove.


  • Gloves must be discarded after becoming soiled, torn, or otherwise compromised.
  • Gloves do not exempt anyone from handwashing
  • Gloves must only be stored in dedicated holders (not at workstations)

Hair Restraints

  • A company-issued hairnet must be properly worn (all hair contained, ears completely covered) in all warehouse and production areas. Non-employee visitors must wear red hairnets.
  • Those with shaved or bald heads must wear a hairnet.
  • Those with facial hair or stubble must wear a beard net, completely covering the beard, goatee, bottom lip hair, mustache, and/or sideburns if they extend below the earlobe.


  • If clothing has non-metal detectable buttons or applique, visitors must wear company-issued disposable lab coats over their street clothes. If the visitor has buttons on his/her shirt, the lab coat must be worn such that the buttons are fully covered.
  • Pants must be full-length and underwear must not be visible. Shirts completely cover the armpits and stomach. Pants, belts, and shirts must be free of frays, tears, loose threads, or any type of application that could come loose and/or fall off.
  • All personnel must pass through the dry footbath prior to entering warehouse or production areas.
  • Shoes must completely cover the instep of the foot and must be made of leather or a durable leather substitute. Sandals, open-toed, backless, and/or open-weave shoes are strictly prohibited in production areas. Heels must be less than 1.5″.
  • Hats are prohibited.
  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in production and warehouse areas.

Personal Belongings

  • No jewelry of any kind is permitted, including hair accessories, body piercings, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches. The only exceptions to this rule are one stone-less, metal wedding band and a medical alert bracelet that cannot be removed.
  • No beverage or food is permitted in production or warehouse areas, unless sealed containers are being transported through the warehouse to a designated break area or office.
  • Nails must be kept clean and cannot be decorated in any way, including nail polish, false nails, or decals.
  • False eyelashes and/or extensions are prohibited.
  • Hair accessories that are not permitted include: hair accessories containing pieces that may detach, bobby pins, combs, accessories made of brittle plastic.
  • Only 100% metal barrettes, pony tail ties, head bands, and bandanas without applique and/or frays are permitted.
  • Glasses with stones or any other type of adornment cannot be worn in warehouse or production areas.
  • Items must not be stored in pockets above the waist.
  • Cell phones, cameras, and recording devices are strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking or any other form of tobacco use is prohibited in all areas, except for personal vehicles.
  • Peanuts and tree nuts are strictly prohibited.
  • Metal-detectable earplugs are available and advised. Packaging must be opened and discarded prior to entering warehouse or production.
  • No glass or brittle plastic can be brought into warehouse or production.

Work Practices

  • Do not walk, sit, or stand on raw materials or food contact surfaces.
  • The plant container use policy must be followed.
  • Maintenance providers must observe proper hygienic practices including:
    • Do not stand, walk or sit on product contact surfaces such as belting, raw materials, packing materials, etc.
    • Do not store tools, electrical cords, etc. on food contact surfaces.
    • Use adequate screens and floor covering when welding, grinding, etc.
    • Clean up any spills – dry or liquid.
    • Use only food grade lubricants on or near product surfaces.
    • Ensure that all equipment, tools, parts, etc. are accounted for after a job is finished and before production starts.
    • Debris created during repairs or alterations shall be promptly removed and cleaned up by personnel carrying out the task. Production Personnel must be notified if food contact equipment will be going up so that cleaning effectiveness can be verified.

Confidentiality & Security

  • It is understood that all information acquired as a result of a visit is considered confidential and may not be disclosed to any person other than another employee of the firm represented and who agrees to be bound by the same confidentiality agreement.
  • Cell phones (or any other electronic devices) cannot be brought into production unless authorized by JCC personnel.
  • No cameras, videos, or recording devices are allowed.
  • Non-employees must enter through approved entrances only. Do not grant access to anyone, specifically do not allow anyone to tag behind you once a door is opened or open a door for anyone.
  • Exterior doors are to be kept closed.
  • If granted an access badge, keep it to yourself; do not permit others to use. The key card access systems tracks traffic through man doors.
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